27 Bakugan Brawlers- 80 Cards- Board Game++++Lot 111pcs

Just Took 10.00 OFF!!!! Bakugan Brawlers Board with 27 Bakugan Brawlers and Cards. Has 2 collector Bakutins, Carrying case, Card holder that works great. Has at least 20 Rare ones Special Editions ect.. I priced a few and they were going for $10-15.00 each. I don't know anything about these but I will ask my son any questions you may have. These have sat in my sons closet for over a year Barely played with them. I am selling this As Is But they all work great and are in great conditions 1 of the metal cars is not in that great of shape, one corner is ripped Its about $300.00+ worth of stuff and $49.00 3 day shipping too! I thought that would be fair But I will take Best offer. I will break it up too if you would like I can sell them in sets we will figure a price out. if you want to make an offer just do i will talk it over with him and well let you know. Includes: 111 pieces 27 Bakugans 2008-2010 (?) 2 Collector Tins 2009 Carrying Case Brawler Board With all pieces 39 Regular Cards 41 Metal Cards and im not sure what they call the thing that holds card and calculates it goes on your wrists (?) I paid 24.00 new last year and he never used it, maybe once.