27 Vintage Comics 1960-73 Tom & Jerry, Disney, Underdog

If you'll take a look at my EBay rating, you'll see I'm more or less in the model train business. I came across a large lot of vintage comic books at a recent auction. Selling a few more lots to complete these listings. I'm no expert I've read up on the comic rating system. Have tried to rate conservatively. I always sell on a full 100% money back guarantee. Each comic is packed in a glassine envelope. The tabs which you see on each comic are on the outside of the glassine, NOT on the comic itself. I'll Will ship by media USPS. Listing with NO RESERVES.

This Lot: 27 Comics. Rate: Very Fine, unless otherwise noted.

1. Tom & Jerry, July 1960 (Bent lower Right Corner)

2. Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge, Febr 1969

3. Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge, June 1970

4. Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge, Oct 1969

5. Disney Mickey & Goofy, #90027-312

6. Disney Mickey Mouse, March 1960

7. Walt Disney Comics and Stories #13011-103 (Bent lower Right Corner)

8. Walt Disney Comics and Stories May 1967

9. Walt Disney Comics and Stories May 1964

10. Walt Disney Comics and Stories July 1964

11. Walt Disney Comics and Stories May 1965

12. Walt Disney Comics and Stories Jan 1972

13. Walt Disney Comics and Stories April 1968

14. Walt

15. Walt Disney Comics and Stories 10183-812

16. Wagon Train, April-June 1960

17. Tarzan, Febr 1961

18. The Cat, 1966

19. Underdog, July 1970

20. Wendy, Jan 1969

21. Dark Shadows, November 1971 (Bent lower Right edges)

22. Boris Karloff, Febr 1971

23. Boris Karloff, 1973

24. Magnus Robot Fighter, 1974

25. Dark Shadows, 1973 (Bent lower Right Corner)

26. Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes, 1969

27. Space Family Robinson, June 1963 (Bent lower Right Corner)

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