27 w. x 13 h. x 15 d. A stage-like wooden setting

27 w. x 13 h. x 15 d. A stage-like wooden setting with window display at the right side has attached 16-drawer cabinet and shelving units at the back, carved crest with name of shop Leib Kobmand and word Antik lettered above shop window. The shop is lavishly crowded with miniature antique treasures, including a collection of antique dolls in the front window: all-bisque bride and groom, 2 tiny Frozen Charlottes, 3 other all-bisques including jester with molded hat, 3 bisque doll heads, and a blonde hair china. Other antiques include a fine early 3-figure framed silhouette, iron jumping horse and jockey, brass thermometer (working) with figural of woman, large wooden mirror on bracketed floor frame, hand-painted Asian tapestry, painting of a boat, ormolu table mirror, gilded oil lamp with figural base, tin lithographed lunch pail, 2 tin mantel clocks, wooden Scotch bottle with two die inside and screw-off lid, mini-photo in painted metal frame, bisque trinket box with molded hand under a dome, metal pendulum clock with mirror, birdcage and bird, various lithographs, porcelain and glass dishes and decorative objects, hats and hat box, 2 bisque doll heads, tin glove, various furniture including sewing desk with drawer, chairs, desk and pedestal with bust of military hero. There are two dollhouse people including blonde hair china lady, ... read more