28 inch- 1920’s Effanbee “Bubbles” Doll

This is a nice, old, large 28 inch Effanbee “Bubbles”composition doll from the 1920’s. She is marked “EFFANBEE BUBBLES Copr 1924 Made in USA” on her back. She has a composition shoulder plate, head, arms and lower legs, with a cloth body and upper legs. Her head is attached to the shoulder plate, so it does not swivel. The arms are jointed to the shoulder plate so they can move. The legs can bend where the cloth upper legs attach to the cloth body. Her jump suite is not original but is in excellent condition, as are her socks and shoes. She has large blue eyes that are clear and sleep well. She has some fading of color on the palms of her hands. She has no eyelashes, but she has two nice teeth. The back of her head is in need of restoration. It has significant cracking and peeling as shown. It the back of the head were repaired this would make a really nice old Effanbee composition doll.