28" Large Affordable Good Quality Hookah (Limited Quan)

28" Large Affordable Hookah

This is one of our most affordable hookahs, this hookah is unique and looks and feels awesome, you will be very happy with this hookah. We promise or your money back. This hookah stands at 28 âe and was built with quality in mind, every part of this hookah is build carefully with high level of quality control.
Donâe(tm)t spend $10 less and get a cheap hookah, you will be impressed with the magnificence beauty of this fine piece of ART.
The Hookah comes with a matching color Heavy duty tray, attractive head goes on top of the hookah, beautiful special Tongs, 1 washable waterproof fancy hose, hose caps, rubber stoppers, and a rubber grommet.

The picture above represent the hookah you will be getting.

This hookah comes with the following:
- Matching color Black Nickel Heavy duty tray
- Beautiful bowl goes on top of the hookah to complete this beautiful hookah
- Beautiful special Tongs
- One Washable waterproof fancy hose
- Hose caps
- Rubber stoppers
- Rubber grommet
We are also giving the following for FREE:
- Extra grommet parts
- Extra rubber washers

Shipping & Handling:


We use UPS Ground
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