You are bidding on 28 ORIGINAL NAVAL AVIATION "SENSE" PAMPHLETS and a few others. Condition is varied - some are pristine, others are funky with the cover falling off. Manuals are:

Radio Discipline Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-24

Patrol Sense

Parachute Sense

Oxygen Sense

Dunking Sense (2 copies)

Hints for Gunnery Instructors NAVAER 00-80S-36 (cover is detached)

Don't Kill Your Friends

Fuel Saving Sense

Gunnery Sense

Playing for Keeps

Aleutian Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-11

Support Aircraft Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-25

Air Information Sense (2 copies)

Carrier Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-23, OPNAV 33-NY-22

Arctic Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-13

Prisoner Sense

Slow Flight Sense NAVWEPS 00-80Q-59

Studying for your Navy Wings NAVAER 00-80T-14, OPNAV 33-NY-6

Bail-Out and Ejection Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-55

GCA Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-45

Instrument Flying Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-43

"G" Sense (2 copies)

Taxi Sense (3 copies)

Flat-Hatting Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-17, OPNAV 33-18

Shark Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-14, OPNAV 33-6

Recognition and Identification Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-21, OPNAV 33-NY-5

Hot Weather Sense NAVWEPS 00-80Q-60, DA PAM 95-6

Security Sense NAVAER 00-80Q-16, OPNAV 33-16

Shoot Seat Sense NAVAER
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