28" Paper Mache Seated Santa & bottle Brush Tree

28" Very Large Seated Father Christmas

My second since I have been back to work

I love this old boy, he has character.

His coat is once again from that marvelous Purple Coat

that I cut down, and t is still some left over.

It is Ancient material with that lovely cording design

on the coat bottom and the sleeves.

Believe it or not, two wonderful friends gave me this coat.

The red fox fur for his hat and collar are also antique.

His beard is goat's fur and down the front of his

coat t are two pieces of mink and a lovely buckle

His boots are also fur trimmed in mink.

He has a tremendously contemplative look on his face.

Holding a lovely bottle brush tree that is itself, 8 ½"

And in his other hand an antique

paper mache "peanut" Candy Container.

He has purple pants and German Paper Mache boots.

The boots alone are large, they are 5".

I rarely make these big fellows, they are quite

a bit of work, but this comes by popular request.

He is fully jointed for posing and his head turns and

can be placed up or down.

Hope you like him too.


I will be moving into my "Enchanted Cottage" the first week of


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