28 w. x 14 h. A wooden stage-like room setting

28 w. x 14 h. A wooden stage-like room setting features painted red walls, wood floor, two large curtained windows at the back, a full-length mirror and fireplace that appears to be attached but is not, and a large needlework patterned carpet. The room is furnished with a large-size oak dining set comprising round pedestal table with pressed carving on the surface, 3 matching table chairs, 2 rockers and a sofa with unusual green leather upholstery having pressed designs, 2 matching beds with bed covers, wood dish cabinet with doors and drawer, and a wooden side table. Accessories include soft metal magazine holder and flower stand containing 3 potted flowers, 4 very nice lithographed paintings, metal plates and urns, table clock, and two miniature dogs. There are two black hair china dolls and 2 bisque dolls with blonde sculpted hair included. Germany, circa 1900.