29 Photographs + data 9"x6" US Navy Battleships from 1895 -1944 USS Indiana etc.

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29 Photographs + data of US Navy Battleships commissioned between 1895 and 1944 - from USS Indiana (BB 1) onwards At just over

On offer is a collection of 29 photographic litho prints from my massive collection of Atlas Editions series of warship cards. These cards were printed on high quality, heavyweight gloss stock and were originally held in ring binders and thus have three holes punched in the upper white surround that can be trimmed without distorting the balance of the photo. For a shipped cost of a little over $1 per photo this has to be an excellent offer.

Alabama BB 8 Arizona - data BB 39 Arizona - history BB 39 Arkansas BB 33 Delaware BB 28 Florida BB 30 Idaho BB 42 Idaho / GREEK - Kilkis BB 24 Indiana BB 1 Iowa BB 61 Iowa BB 4 Kentucky BB 6 Louisiana BB 19 Michigan BB 27 Mississippi / GREEK - Lemnos BB 23 Missouri BB 63 Missouri BB 11 Nebraska BB 14 Nevada BB 36 New Jersey - data BB 62 New Jersey - history BB 62 New York BB 34 North Dakota BB 29 Oklahoma BB 37 Pennsylvania BB 38 South Dakota BB 57 West Virginia BB 48 Wisconsin BB 64 Wisconsin BB 9
The overall size of each print is 10" x 7½" with the actual photograph measuring 9½" x 6". The reverse of the card provides either a brief history and/or tactical data. These are original published items that were issued
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