29 Photos Camp Hauge Marines Post Okinawa & Naha 1950s

Up for auction is a lot of 29 different snapshots / photos featuring views at Camp Hauge and surrounding town and area, Okinawa, 1950s. The photos each measure 3.5" x 5", are in overall good condition - no creases or tears. T are some spots on some of the photos that look like the camera or film let a tiny bit of light in, but they do not seem to impact the image. These are photos from the estate of a Marine who served at Hauge in the 1950s. All photos are not shown , but what is shown is a good sample of the subjects of the lot. Looks like the Marine took shots of his favorite hangouts (night clubs, bars), some of the quonset huts and other administration buildings, views of local people and w they lived, and some of the equipment. Curiously, t are several shots of a damaged jeep - maybe he was the driver! T are some aerial views, maybe from a tower on the base. Note that the photos are curled a bit on the sides - I flattened them to take photos for listing them They will lie flat when placed in a album or in plastic sleeves, I believe. A few are a tiny bit blurry or a little dark, but overall the photos are pretty sharp. Camp Hauge was closed in the 1970s when the Ryukyus were returned to Japan. Buyer pays $2.95 shipping and handling in the US.