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Two early original dramatic vintage photographs of B-29 Superfortress Heavy Bombers.
This group with the letter "O" tail number was attached to the 314th Bomb Wing - 29th Bomb Group stationed at Guam in early 1945.
During World War II the 314th Bombardment Wing (314th BW) was part of Twentieth Air Force. The 314th BW engaged in very heavy bombardment B-29 Superfortress operations against Japan.
The 314th Bombardment Wing was activated in July 1944 at Peterson Field, Colorado as a command and control organization for four very heavy B-29 Superfortress bombardment groups. Organization trained in Colorado while subordinate groups were trained in Kansas by Second Air Force.
When training was completed moved to Guam in the Mariana Islands of the Central Pacific Area in January 1945 The 315th was the fourth B-29 Wing assigned to XXI Bomber Command, Twentieth Air Force. It's mission was the strategic bombardment of the Japanese Home Islands and the destruction of its war-making capability. In the Marianas, the Wing provided command and control to the 19th, 29th 39th and 330th Bombardment Groups. The 19th and 29th arrived in January; 39th and 330th in February.
Its groups flew "shakedown" missions against Japanese targets on Moen Island, Truk, and
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