Firstly,thanks a million to all of you who let us know you love Skullz clothing! The response to this new Lagenlook label from London has been over-whelming. What started as an opinion that the Plus size section in any USA store is the same old crap, with the same old sad designs, done in different colors every season has ballooned into a great success. Similar designs to Skullz in Europe given the dead dollar are costing an absolute fortune. & you can only buy Skullz in the USA from us right now.

Even better is the fact that Skullz items are made in the USA. No 3rd world child-labor sweat shops involved.

they are, the pants we keep selling out of, SKULLZ LONDON incredible balloon shape pants. Over 300 pairs sold! Fabric is called Delicious by the Skullz girls.These are Vivid White. Why Delicious? Because this fabric is an incredibly soft, smooth mix of Modal/Cotton/Lycra/. The same feel as a pair of your favorite pajama pants.These are beyond gorgeous & look simply amazing on! T are no finer Lagenlook balloon pants listed anyw & dont think for a minute those wide legs will make you look bigger like those awful Palazzo pants do (tree trunk legs come to mind?), this fabric drapes better than your Mother-In-Laws curtains. Some of our buyers own 2/3 pairs.

The bottom hem is a narrow band which
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