2ea-ED"BIG DADDY"ROTH-Drag-Race-poster's-RAT FINK-23x34

This auction is for 2 each Very Rare Ed "BIG DADDY" Roth-- Posters Designed for Chem Tool
This auction includes two of the most detailed posters ever made and they were made by the great artist Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Yes, he was a great artist not only with cars but also on canvas.
I will explain in detail the 24" x 36" (both are the same size) posters seperately:
First; With the greatest yellow background comes the title "Since 1918 Berryman Products, Inc. "The Good Stuff" below the title is the Rat Fink monster "Chem Tooler" that is the detailed style that only Ed Roth could create. The monster is in a really high powered-fast forward SUV and he is holding onto a tube of B-12 Chemtool dripping with stuff. T is a little puppy dog hanging out the window of the SUV. The bottom of the first poster states Chem Tooler was created for Berryman Products, Inc. by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. This is a limited edition production poster. Berryman, Inc. 1999.
Second: On a sky blue background comes the following: At the top of the poster it states: B-12 Chem Tool Berryman "Pour It and Floor It". This poster also has the detailed style of Ed Roth of a high powered-fast forward Truck with a monster also hanging onto a tube of B-12 dripping goo. T is a wild dog hanging out of the front window of the truck. The bottom of the second poster

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