(2ea.) State, Duck stamps - 1979-80, $5 Alabama MNG & 1985, $3 Minnesota MNH

Auction is for, (2ea) State Duck Stamps, a 1979-80 MNG, Alabama Duck Stamp, & a 1985 MNH, Minnesota Duck Stamp. I will include at NO CHARGE, a verticle pair of California, 1995-1996, $5.00 ea. Imperforate Stamps, backs have never been gummed. As I can't find any listing for these stamps ever being issued as imperf's, you can have them for what ever you like. They might be real issued stamps, but I am not sure. If so they probably would carry a high CV. They are listed in Jan R. Wootens, 2006, Streamside Catalog at a CV of ($15.00), but no mention of imperf's ever being issued.