~2lbs Victorian, Antique, Vintage Metal Buttons Many Landscape & Picture Buttons

Okay, button collectors, jewelry makers, costume designers..... time for round two of my liquidating a huge collection of antique buttons I acquired a few weeks ago.

This auction is for over 30 ounces (estimate 400+) Victorian and antique metal buttons that are mostly picture buttons of one sort or another, including depictions of villages, windmills, floral, temples, and the like. Many two piece buttons, some dyed (red, blue), some reticulated, some look to be decorated with marcasites, some handpainted or champleve. Didn't check every button, but didn't come across any Paris buttons. Some of the markings include D. Evans, Attleboro, Mass; Gesetzl Geschutzt; Sanbiern, NY; Patent A; Red Rank; London.

This auction is part of a large assortment of vintage and antique buttons purchased from an estate that I will be putting up for sale over the next few weeks. When I weighed everything all together, it ends up that the entire collection comprises well over fifty POUNDS of buttons. Included were Victorian crochet, metal, glass, various early plastics, Goodyear rubber, shell, and more, and many Paris buttons!

Please note that I am selling them as I have found them. I have not done any sorting beyond how they came to me, nor have I attempted any cleaning. Some of the metal buttons have corroded backs, some bent
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