1.2mm PVC 14.1' inflatable boat tender fibergla transom

T-sport black model

Aquos T-sport black model with its innovative design , perfect construction. And the top material makes it the best on the market. You will be proud of having one of there boats to be attractive . sport black with its large tube diameters and its substantial load capacity, with room enough for 8 persons.

AQUOS T-Sport black model is made by 1.2 mm thickness PVC on the tubes ,keel and bottom with Aluminum floor boards

length Inside
length Overall
width Inside
width Tube
diameter Chambes
number Capacity
person Loading
capacity Max
power Floor
design Max air
boat Boat
weight 14.1ft
(430cm) 9.71ft
(296cm) 6.56ft
(200cm) 37"
(94cm) 19.68"
(50cm) 4tube+1keel 8adults+1child 1984lbs
(900kgs) 35hp Aluminum 3.5psi 198lbs

Front Bow View

The strong, keeled, V - shape hull of these boats maximizes performance. An inflatable keel provides

superb handling and permits the watercraft to easily reach planning speed

Reinforced Marine Grade Plywood Transom and slidable bench seat

Inside View

Side view and Transom holder with additional PVC reinforment


1- Boat carrying bag 1 -Set of aluminum oars
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