2nd damaged steel helm gladiator roman helmet 466 with brass accents

We sell hundreds of helms, unfortunately we find some damaged or problematic. This is a solid 16ga helm, a quality deepeeka product. It is out of the original package, it may be fingerprinted or have minor rust marks. All sales final, ask questions before you buy, look at the photos, sell for $180-250 ea

this is a heavier, better quality helm then most of this style you see about, brass accents and solid steel rivits

IMPORTANT: We are cleaning out old warehouse stock. These items are packed after we photograph them, we cannot get additional photos or answer detailed questions. Also, the items are available for local sale: it is possible they may be sold already and not be currently available. While we try not to let that happen, our feedback shows we have made mistakes. rest assured that in that case you will be refunded as soon as we relize it. We have corrected our procedure, and do not expect much trouble, but as we said, it has been a problem in the past and we are sorry.