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This auction is for a lot of various kpop and jpop CDs from the pop groups, MBLAQ, 2NE1, and 비스트 (Beast / B2ST).

There are 12 CDs (7 of which contain DVDs). This listing contains both Korean as well as Japanese releases.

The original plastic shrink-wrap has been kept on ALL items for better safekeeping. ALL items are in excellent condition . Please note all items that originally came with an obi have an obi still.

Please note the country of manufacture, as all of the items are either made in Korea or Japan. All corresponding DVDs' regions are either ALL REGION, REGION 2, or REGION 3 .


1) "Your Luv" (1 st press limited edition CD+DVD, type-A, special cardboard sleeve casing, 12 page booklet, Japanese Version, Region 2)

2) "BLAQ Style 3D Edition" (Deluxe 1st press limited edition CD+DVD + special 3D style cover with cardboard casing + 3D glasses, Korean version, ALL REGION DVD)*out of print*

Beast ( 비스트 / B2ST ):

3) "Fiction and Fact" (Limited edition CD + special packaging + 3 pin buttons, Korean version) *out of print* Please note there is NO T-shirt

4)"Lights go on again" (Deluxe Special Asian Edition CD+DVD, Korean version, ALL REGION DVD) *out of print*

5) "Bad Girl" (1 st press limited edition CD+DVD+ special 32 page photo booklet, A-type, Japanese version)
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