You are bidding on one BRAND NEW electric cigarette rolling machine injector .

check out this video on how easy this machine is to use: /cgi-bin/flash_player.cgi?flv=10225278-1VF.flv For use with Standard USA 110v outlet. Are you tired of buying cigarettes at $6-$8? Make your own cigarettes to save $$$ with this advanced and easy to use machine (easy to read instructions included). Makes a pack of 20 cigarettes in minutes.
A pack of cigarettes will typically cost you around $1 or less for your own brand now depending on what kind of tobacco you use! This model has 5 speeds. Place your tube cigarette on, press the START button and let it go. The motor will turn on and inject the tobacco.
Everyone has their own preference as to the density of tobacco. Position 3 is the most prevalent. On position 5, the tobacco has the greatest density and position 1 is the loosest. You can experiment with the various positions and discover which one is best for you.

You will get the best results using tobacco with the mention "Cigarette machine approved".

The motor is quiet, powerful and long lasting with this NEW model.

The tray under the injector tube catches the fallen tabacco for easy reloading.

Product description:

Uses standard 8mm tubes with only pure tobacco (remove twigs and other debris before
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