2x softporcelain or pipe clay german doll 1890 size 6

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2 x softporcelain or pipe clay german doll age 1890 size 6 inch
can also be used for Art as Collage netto weight 100 g .
please notice this item will be shipped by air so shipping time will be about 2 weeks .
The left side of the measuring tape shows the size in inch " and the right side shows the size in centimeter .
I put a half dollar coin on the fotos as comparison ( the coin is not part of the auction )
They where found while digging in factory yard in Limbach in Thuringia Germany.
They are from my owen collection so can I gurantee for the age .
If you win more auctions i will combine shipping costs .
I have written the weight (netto) so you estimate how much the combined shipping cost (with insurance) are .
if you need more fotos or have any question about the item i will be glad to answer it ,
yours Andreas from Germany
For shipping to United States and the rest of the world except europa :
a recomended letter up to 500 g = 12 $ ,
a recomended letter up to 1 kg = 19 $ ,
parcel up to 2 kg = 30 $ ,
a parcel up to 5 kg = 45 $ ,
a parcel up to 10kg = 60 $,
a parcel up to 20 kg = 80 $ .
This are the shipping cost to europa :
a recomended letter up to 500g = 5 euro ,
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