2x ZEISS RFT L3060PB 12" ALNICO Full Range GERMAN VINTAGE for Klangfilm project

Hello, in my auction:

Two - Matched Pair RFT L3060 PB very heavy with Big Alnico Magnet.

All original condition !

Z = 6 Ohms, 12.5 VA, sensitivity 98 dB.

Idealy for your Klangfilm project , Open Buffle project with SE and PP tube amplifiers

Full range cinema theatre speakers,v ery solid and sturdy aluminum cast frame.

They were used as mobile cinema speakers in wooden suitcase cabitetts labeled "Carl Zeiss Jena"

Made in GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC ( Leipzig) in 1950-60 years.

Two VERY GOOD condition,matched pair.

Very rare full range speakers with BIG ALNICO magnet.

These speakers do not require the rich description experts of them well know.

Speakers were stored in a warmed warehouse and intended as the spare complete set for acoustic systems of film theatre.

They in an Good cosmetic and E xcellent technical condition!. Such speakers were used in 50-60 years in all Europe

Speakers : RFT RFT is a trademark created in 1946, thus before the German Democratic Republic was established. The initials RFT stand for Radio und Fernmeldetechnik. Structurally it was a combined collective like many other communist economic organizations. A sheer endless list of formerly private companies was nationalized and put under one roof:
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