Rare and important!! Lot of 3 Francisco Vargas style Wax Figures, c.1880. These figures are beautifully sculpted and detailed, though we have not been able to find any markings identifying the artist. The first 2 sculptures each measure approximately 10 ½-11" not including the height of their bases. Bases add an additional 2" to total height. Even though these sculptures are not marked, we believe that they may very well have been sculpted by either Francisco Vargus or his daughter Concepcion! They are done in the same level of detail, style, and size as other Vargus pieces, and sit on the same type of circular stepped wood base that other Francisco Vargus sculptures stand on. Both figures are dressed in their original native waxed fabric costumes, and both have glass eyes, and an enormous amount of detail (you can even see the veins in the male figures hands and arms!). The third figure is smaller, measuring around 7" in height. This figure is also beautifully sculpted, but does lack some of the high level detail that can be found on the other 2 figures. This figure is also dressed in its original native waxed fabric clothing, but does not have a base with it. All 3 of the figures have a significant amount of wear and damage. The two larger figures are each missing at least 1 foot, their fingers, some of their hair, have various ... read more