3.7" VERY RARE DOW Genuine Clear PERUVIAN LEMURIAN Wand SEED QUARTZ with Intricate Glyphs, Protection and Healing Crystal from Peru

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Measures 3.63" by 1.06" by 0.81"

Weighs 74.6 grams

Worldwide Shipping Cost USD 6.88

A very rare and truly special offer of a DOW all-natural and genuine clear Peruvian Lemurian Seed wand crystal that is long and slender at 3.63" in length. AAA in clarity and is a 100% exquisite beauty from Peru.

This Peruvian Lemurian wand is special. First of all, she has the key characteristics of a genuine Lemurian. One are the horizontal striations (Akashic Lines) that seem to have been lasered in by ancient Lemurians. The termination of this being is in good condition. T are minor scratches as is common with unpolished crystals but is not significant enough to diminish the beauty of this ancient being

This spirit is also gifted with Akashic lines and very intricate glyphs from top to bottom, veils and mists that also float within this being giving it a very unique charm.

This unpolished specimen is clear through and through, from top to bottom. The area towards the termination is clearer. Some etal mists are found near the base as well as some crystal keys. Perhaps an area w another crystal brother
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