We are selling 3 very old Infant of Prague Statues. The first one is made of chalkware and is 12 1/2" inches tall. T is a crucifix necklace around its' neck that comes off. Also, the cape and gown are satin-like and also come off. The second statue is made of a heavy plaster-like material and is 11 1/2" inches tall. It has a cape that has jewels around the outer part and the gown and cape are satin-like and also come off. Unfortunately when I lifted up the gown I noticed that part of the cape is broken off. Can most likely be fixed or just leave the gown and cape on. The third statue is made of chalkware and has a satin-like cape that comes off. All statues are heavy and solid all through. Also, none of the three statues look the same, all are unique looking. Please see all pictures.