3 Bradford Exchange plates Canada's 125th Anniv. Geese

The Bradford Exchange Series
Proud Passage
A Celebration of Canada's 125 th Anniversary

Artist: Alan Barnard

"A Family Portrait" "Portrait de famille"

The auction is for a lot of 3 plates from the series commemorating the 125 th anniversary of the Federal Dominion of Canada , which was formed 1 July 1867. So, the series was probably distributed in 1992.

Each plate is numbered and has a Certificate of Authenticity.
Each plate has the artist's name at the bottom and "Celebrating Canada's 125 th Anniversary" in the lower right.
Each plate is just under 8 ¼" across.

The plates have the names and numbers in both English and French on the back. They state that they were "Issued under the hallmark of Dominion China, Ltd., and sponsored by Wildlife Habitat Canada, the edition of "The Return Home" is strictly limited to a maximum of 98 firing days."

It is also stated that these are decorative pieces and not for food.

Condition: pristine. Each plate is in the original white mailing package. I had to remove the plastic wrap to open one of them.

Plate 1 : "The Return Home" "Le Retour au bercail"
Plate No. 2506A
First issue in the series.
Two Canadian Geese fly through a snowy background.

Plate 2 : "At the Nest" "Dans le nid"
Plate No.

Plate 3 : "A Family Portrait" "Portrait de famille"
Plate No. 938B
Fourth plate in the series.
This pretty plate has a family of Canadian Geese, mom, dad, and chicks. T is a rainbow in the background.

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