3 glass float s (Marked) DG backwards B underneath

3 marked floats all with a circunference of 101/2 inches . The ball in the middle has the mark DG with a backwards B underneath or Walt pichs #136 a uncommon float .Half the glass shows its age from rolling in the sand . The ball on the right looks like Walt pichs #10 , it is stamped three times around the button and appears to have a small crack in it , but does not alter this balls appearence at all . The ball on the left is another DG ball inside a square or Walt Pichs #138. The net has been removed so it has that mottled look . . If you have any questions please ask . Regardless of what the shipping says ( they are only estimates ) , please wait until I take the ball in its box to the post office so I can get an accurate shipping charge . I will then invoice you with the exact cost to have it shipped to your location . Thank you Ken