3 Hallmark Pewter Plates 1983 + 1984

Up for auction are three Hallmark pewter collector plates. The first one is 1983, So much of what we know of love we learn at home. E. Cunningham, designed by Carol Bryan engraved by Jerry Imboof and Manuel Rabago, edition limited to 17,500. The border of the plate is all flowers in the middle is a boy and girl and kitten riding a trycicle. The next plate 1983 Xmas plate, 3 children trimming the tree, the border of the plate is toys. The back of plate says The most beautiful holiday ornaments are memories of Christmases past., designed by Mary Hamilton, engraved by Dillard Rhodus and Julia Lee, edition limited to 27,500 max. The last plate is dated 1984, Xmas plate, children trimming the tree, floral border, the back says Christmas when hearts reach out to give and receive the gentle gifts of love, designed by Mary Hamilton, engraved by Bill Roosa and Mike Meckes, edition limited to 27,500 max.The plates measure almost 6". The plates have all been displayed and are in good condition, no boxes. Money orders or Pay Pal. Buyer pays shp/ins.