3-3/8 Inch PACIFIC OCEAN Megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil Fish Teeth BLONDE BEAUTY


This is a rare and beautifully polished Carcharocles Megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil from the South Pacific Ocean found in over 1000 feet of water! This Megalodon Shark tooth fossil measures 3-3/8 inches long! It has gorgeous blonde multi color that is unique to specimens from New Caledonia! No where else on Earth produces spectacular colors and texture quite like this! VERY INTERESTING to say the least! Very Attractive and Impressive specimen!

Fewer than 1% of all of the Megalodon Sharks teeth fossils on the internet are from this location!


This Megalodon Shark tooth was found 800 miles east of Australia and a 3 day boat ride north of a small island called New Caledonia. These uniquely colored 3 to 10 million year old fossils are dredged up from over 1000 feet of water using a scoop only 2 meters wide. At this depth it is MUCH too deep to SCUBA dive and there is only time for 5 passes in a day. Megaldon teeth from this unusual location are relatively rare because only a few teeth are picked up in each pass.

There is a widely accepted theory in science of estimating the size of the Megalodon Shark by the diagonal length of its four upper front teeth. The diagonal length of a Megalodon Shark tooth fossil is measured from

This Megalodon Shark tooth is a 100% guaranteed authentic fossil. This tooth has been polished with lapidary equipment to give it a slick, glossy marble-like finish. Other than polishing there have been no alterations or repairs of any kind.

Megalodon Shark Teeth Fossils make OUTSTANDING fossil study displays! Kids love them and they are educational!

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