3 - Jason Campbell 2005 - etopps

Learn more about the etopps program Jason Campbell 2005 - Washington Redskins Qb QUANTITY IN LOT: 3 Card Description: Coach Joe Gibbs pinpointed Campbell as the man he wanted in the draft. Although Jason's long-term future is bright, he first will have to contend with returning starter Patrick Ramsey, who played well late in 2004. Seller's Comments: Paypal only...you must have an eTopps account to acept this in-port card. Payment due within 3 days. Cards in Circulation: 1200 Card No.: 41 etopps and etopps cards: Produced by Topps, each etopps card is guaranteed to be in mint condition, and unlike any other card on the market, stored in a tamper-resistant hard plastic casing. Plus, we are only producing a limited number of each card, thus ensuring they remain a rare and desirable commodity. And only through etopps, can you seamlessly buy, sell and trade your etopps cards on The Trading Floor at eBay. Claiming Cards: Much like any other auction on eBay, once the sale has gone through, you must contact the seller to conclude the deal. Note: It is the seller that determines all payment terms for the eBay transaction. After this initial step, you can claim your cards on etopps, w they will be automatically transferred into your portfolio. Keep in mind that you must first have an account with etopps before you can claim your cards. Once ... read more