3 lb pound ESTATE SALE Antique Buttons UNSEARCHED #27

ESTATE SALE Vintage/Antique Buttons Tin Full No.27

I am posting auctions of a huge collection of vintage and antique buttons from a collector in Northern Michigan (2 generations of buttons). Each tin will have about 3 pounds of unusual buttons. These will include glass (love them), metal, rhinestone, pearl and carved pearl, bakelite, celluloid (love them), plastic collectable like pierced flowers, wood, china buttons, glass pearl, bone civil war buttons, shoe buttons, and crystal buttons. I will not search through, but grab some of each kind in each tin for sale. I have to sell off this whole huge collection to support my boys. I cannot keep them, even though I am a collector of many years. You will love searching through these.

Shipping will be a one time fee of $8.10. You can win many of these auctions for buttons and only pay one fee of $8.10. Shipping will be priority mail sent out the same day or next day after winning, guaranteed.

God bless you! and remember....

When love is in the house, the house is packed.