3 Minton Glastonbury Lotus Goldenrod Wine Glasses

Shipping | READ MY POLICIES PLEASE 3 Minton Glastonbury Lotus Goldenrod Wine Glasses
Album We are in the process of liquidating the contents of a large Victorian Estate located in Orlando Florida and will be selling everything over the coming months.

This set of 3 Vintage Glastonbury Lotus Gold Trim Band wine glasses were located in the china closet in the formal dining room of our 1880's Victorian Estate. Not sure of the pattern. They

are in good condition.

We are in the process of opening up a wing of the estate that was closed and used for storage when Grandmother Williams passed.

The estate is on the outskirts of Orlando and sits on a 30 acre plot of land. It was homesteaded in the 1880's. The contents of the estate consists of everything from pre Civil War era to modern items. The recent owners are the last of the generations. He was a pilot for the military and was enlisted from the 1940's to the 70's. He and his wife traveled around the world several times. Visited many countries over the years. We were told he was a very loving husband and gifted her lavishly with presents. You will be amazed at the items we found in this estate.

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