This beautiful set will make a definite statement on any table because it is obviously quality and unique. The pattern is basically lots of green, green leaves with one lovely rose-colored flower peeking out through the leaves. It appears to be a hibiscus. The name of this intriguing design is "Tahiti". is what is imprinted on the bottom of both pieces: Impressions de Paris. Porcelaine de Limoges, Specially decorated in Foecy, A Patrick Frey design, Tahiti, and then the letter M. The sugar bowl with lid is almost 5-3/4" across including handles and the creamer, about 3-3/4". All pieces are unused, in pristine condition with no chips, cracks or scratches of any kind; and their color is just as it was when I purchased this set back in the 80"s. It is a truly lovely set---very bright and cheerful.