3 Ruth Lyons Daughter Candy Newman Photos

Welcome to my auction! This auction is for a set of 3 photos. These are of Ruth's daughter Candy Newman. Two of them are proofs with one being marked on the back as used is Ruth's book Remember With Me. T is a picture of her as a child. It is dated Miami Beach August 1951 on the back. These are all 8 x 10. It comes from the collection of Ruth Lyons photos I am listing . I am listing the last of the photos today.

Ruth Lyons (Ruth Reeves Oct.4,1905 to Nov. 7 1988) was a pioneer inradio and television broadcasting. Her career was in Cincinnati,Ohio. She was the creator of the daytime TV talk show and she built an empire around that.

Her career began at WKRC w she worked as a radio show pianist and organist. Her first broadcast was when a show host called in sick and she was asked to take over. In 1942 WKRC lost Lyons because of t failure to give her a $10 raise and she went to WLW. The owner of Taft broadcasting said the ten dollar raise cost his company millions in advertising.

The 50/50 Club started on radio when 50 women were invited to a daily broadcast. It was renamed the 50/50 club when the audience went to 100. It was broadcast on TV for 90 minutes. Ruth had a variety of guests including Bob Hope, Arthur Godfrey, David Letterman and Phil Donahue. Ruth also ad libbed TV commercials. She is credited with making

Ruth's adopted daughter Candy Newman became an important part of the 50/50 Club. She died of cancer in 1966. After her death Ruth suffered a series of strokes and retired from broadcasting in 1967. The death of her beloved daughter took her will to live. She died on November 7, 1988.
She started the Ruth Lyons Christmas Fund which gives Cincinnati area hospitalized children toys, hospital equipment, etc. It has raised tens of millions of dollars over the years.

Ruth was truly a great woman and an innovator in early broadcasting. I was fortunate enough to acquire a collection of photos of Ruth and her family and will be posting some of them on e-Bay in the coming weeks. They are a treasure and a great look into early television broadcasting!

Neat Christmas present! Great to add to any collection! Please take a good look at my pictures. Please LMK if you have any questions. Payment required in 10 days. Thanks for looking!

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