1/3 Scale (55 cm) Hatsune Miku Silicone Doll

Product Brief:
about 55cm, 1.3 kg
Skin color: Pink, comparable to the color of normal DD or SD dolls.
Body: silicone made with reinforced wire aluminum urethane cast structure. B21/W15/H26, shoe size 63mm.
Head: Hatsune Miku type, cyan eye color.
Wig: Hatsune Miku type, cyan color.
Uniform: includes short sleeve shirt (white), sweater (light yellow), check handle miniskirt (blue/cyan/black/white).
Maintenance kit: includes protection powder for silicone dolls and a brush.
Instruction manual
Specifications about 1/3 Hatsune Miku Silicone Doll:
This one-third-sized doll is made of full silicone and thus gives the soft and smooth touch closest to that of a real girl's skin. The structure (backbone and joints) is made of reinforced wire and the joints are as flexible as that of DD or SD dolls and thus the doll can be posed the same way as normal DD or SD dolls. The seamless nature of the silicone-made body also frees you from the annoying and somewhat ugly joints of the BJDs. However, though silicone is well known for its ability to endure stretch and tension, high tension force still builds up at joints bent at a big angle. To protect the joints, it is not suggested to keep the doll in a high tension posture (legs open or raised for more than 90°, arms lifted
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