3 Straight razors w/case Germany made very good cond

These 3 straight razors belonged to my grandfather who would be 107 years old, if he were still living. I don't know how old the razors are but I will give as much info on them as I can.
Two of them have ebony handles and the other bone or ivory colored.
The blade edges on all 3 razors are in excelent condition and are very sharp.
One has "Solingen Star" printed on the handle.
One has a "Dorko" lable on it.
All three have the name "Wilde" scratched on the handles.
All three have "Solengen Germany" stamped on the blade shaft.
One has "Best silver steel" and "730 DORKO" stamped on the blade shaft.
The case is guinine leather and has the name "J.A. Henckels", "Twinworks Germany" stamped on it.
The case has a little wear and scuff marks as well as some staining.