3 Tiffany Favrile Tulip Shades with Feather Pull Design

Up for auction is the complete lamp shown in the pictures. The shades are Tiffany Favrile Tulip shades with a feather pull decoration applied to the exterior. The shades have nice irridecense and include the following colors : Blues, Purples, Green, Gold and White. The shades measure 3 1/3" by 5" with a 2 1/4" fitter opening.

All shades are signed L.C.T., however, due to the size of the signature and my poor photographing skills I was unable to create a visible image. I will attempt to re-photograph the signature using a different camera.

The shades have minor fitter ring chips. One shade has a small internal crack, however, the crack is not visible from the exterior either lit or unlit. The crack occured during manufacture. T is no loss to the finish on either the inside or the outside of the subject shade.

The base, included in the auction, is a complete mystery. The base is somewhat heavy and is either made of bronze or brass and has an applied finish to mimic dore bronze. The is some loss to the finish. The base is a Fleur-de-Lis shape and includes thee Fleur-de-Lis pad feet in keeping with the design of the rest of the base. I am going to state that the base is almost certainly not a Tiffany Furnaces creation. The quality is just not t Even still, the base is aesthetically pleasing and works well with the
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