In this auction your bidding on 3 Vintage Jim Beam James Lockhart Wildlife Collection Bottles. These bottles belonged to my father-in-law. He passed away this January & these were found as we were cleaning out some of his things.

This collection has all 3 bottles of the 3 featured in the reproductions of Lockhart's wildlife paintings. I will do my best to describe each bottle to you. First is the bottle showing the BIGHORN SHEEP. This bottle is in good condition with little paint peeling. On the bottom of the front it says...BEAM'S CHOICE 80 PROOF YEARS 8 OLD 4/5 QUART KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY. On the back it reads...JAMES LOCKHART Considered to be one of the finest wildlife artists in America today. His portraits of nature are noted for accuracy and careful attention to detail. Working directly from nature, he knows the habits of the birds and animals he paints and gives each of them a distinctive charm and personality. Nature lover---conservationist---Lockhart has received many awards for his paintings which appeal to sportsmen, and all people interested in wildlife and the outdoors. This bottle of Beam's Choice Bourbon features one of three reproductions of Lockhart's wildlife paintings. CHIPMUNK Small striped member of the squirrel family. A compulsive harvester of nuts, seeds, and grain.. Lives in wooded

Also if you'd like more pictures, please feel free to email me!!!!

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