6.3"x3.1" Military camp with 5" green jeep and Three-wheeled motorcycle toys

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6.3"x3.1"x7.5" Military camp with 5" green jeep and small Three-wheeled motorcycle 5 Soldier

Important Notice : This is NOT " LxGO " Brand. But the small blocks is same size. 100% compatible , 100% fit. May be Contains small parts, NOT intended children under 3 years. All small findings is ready when sent out, If you can not finish building, Just check where is wrong and correct, Use your head you can success. NOT missing parts. Please NO Negative Feedback or CASE. Don't play two different building toys in same time or in a small space. the small parts may be confused, resulting in greatly increased the difficulty... Price may discount,BUT enjoy never discount. Same enjoy, enjoy with little cost. Detail: Model: toys809 Material / Certificate: ABS / CE,CCC,EN71 Size / Blocks: 6.3"x3.1"x7.5" / 285 pcs Packs : M ulticolor Bandbox and multicolor instructions. Age Range: 6 years+ Difficulty: Easy(less 60 pcs) / Middle (61-120 pcs) / Difficult (121 - 240pcs) / Very Difficult (over 240pcs) Knowledge:

How to select building toys?

.First : It must made of nontoxic material. Example: ABS etc. It must have a good design and facture, NO any sharp shape, the space must be uniform and the blocks Parts must have sufficient toughness and NO any break. .Second : The size
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