3 yellow ware bowls banded brown/rust blue Crown

This is a great threesome of stacking/nesting yellow ware bowls. None of them have any hairlines. The largest is about 10" diameter at the top and about 5.5 inches tall. It does have some chips on the bottom (underneath). This is minimal and does not detract from the piece overall. The next one is about 7.25" in diameter and about 4" tall. The last and third is 6" in diameter and about 3.25 inches tall.

They all have a pretty decoration that includes diamond shapes. The color is very pretty too, and it is not as yellow as the other yellow ware I have in my collection. It is more mocha, but I would not describe it as mocha ware. I am not an expert, now. That is just how I would describe it colorwise. T are blue bands (thinner) and rust (brown) bands as well.

is why I wish I were an expert....each of these bowls has a crown on the bottom. I did some quick searching on the Internet (I don't have any reference books on yellow ware) and did not find anything conclusive. In looking at the other yellow ware items that are listed on ebay, I did not see any other bowls described with a crown on the bottom. I don't want to describe these pieces as rare, but it is interesting that t is nothing else with a crown on the bottom.

Thanks for looking. Please see my other items. I am going to sign off for the night but will
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