30 cal M1 Carbine USGI trigger Quality LT-Q

ATTENTION EBAY AND PAYPAL!! This item is permitted for sale within your rules. This is NOT a firearm. This is NOT a kit, or a part of a kit, designed to convert a firearm to have automatic firing capability. This item is NOT offered for shipping worldwide. The M1 Carbine is NOT a "assault weapon" as defined by Federal or California Law, so parts and accessories for the M1 Carbine are okay to sell under your rules. This item is not a receiver or frame or any component tof. This item is not a silencer or any part of a silencer. This item is not prohibited for sale by the National Firearms Act or other federal or state law. This is not a part for a short-barreled shotguns or short-barreled rifles, or fully automatic weapons. This is NOT a large-capacity magazine, multi-burst trigger activator, or a camouflaging firearm container.


Up for auction is a USGI trigger for the M1 Carbine. This one is marked LT-Q making it correct for a Quality HMC-made M1 Carbine.

Please e-mail if you have any questions/concerns. Seven day money back guarantee, minus the shipping back, is in effect. Thanks and check out my other auctions, I'll combine the shipping (and save you some money) if you win multiple items.