30 hour spring-driven shelf clock, Seth Thomas

30 hour shelf clock, Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut. Spring-driven time and strike, about 19" high and 12" wide.

Reverse painting has significant losses (see pictures).

I had the movement professionally restored 10 years ago (sticker still on back) and have run it very very little since, so other than undoubtedly needing a few drops of fresh oil it's fine. I didn't touch the case - it's obviously refinished, but before me. It is, at least, a beautiful job.

The paper inside is yellowed but quite readable. The location of Plymouth Hollow dates the clock to no later than 1865, when the town name - and Seth Thomas labeling - was changed to Thomaston.

So from a collector's viewpoint this is a mixed story: the reverse painting needs restoration, and the case was refinished. On the other hand it's an uncommon and highly attractive clock in good working condition.

****** In response to a request I have added some additional pictures, taken with a better camera.

***** I should have mentioned that the top of the clock has some scratches, dents, and an old hole (see last picture). A flat-top clock would not have had a finial, so someone probably put something to fasten it against a wall. Anyway, if anyone who has placed a bid is botd by this please let me know and I'll cancel your bid.

The rest of the case is gorgeous.

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