30-Hour American brass time and strike movement. Earlier type movement with pinned posts holding the front plate and movement together. Counts the hours but not the half hour. I cleaned this movement several years ago and stored it in a closed container. I removed it recently, put a drop of oil on each of the pivots and set it running. It has been working fine for the last several days. The movement is complete and in excellent condition. The pivot holes all look tight ( none have been incorrectly repaired with a punch ). The time spring looks new while the strike spring appears older. It comes with a key and newer pendulum. I am not certain who made or used this movement. It could be any of a number of companies including New Haven, Ingraham, Gilbert, Jerome, Atkins, Waterbury, Ansonia, etc. The cut-out on the top of the front and back plates looks familiar but I just do not remember where I saw it. I would estimate that it was made somewhere between 1850 and 1880. The movement has the necessary components to operate a remote alarm but an alarm mechanism is not included. These are readily available on eBay or from clock parts suppliers. Here are some relevant dimensions:

Front and rear plates are 3" x 4 7/8"

Distance from the back of the rear plate to the tip of the minute hand arbor = 2 3/8"

Distance from strike
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