2.30 inch Deluxe Copper "MAGNUM" Spaller Flint Knapping

Deluxe (copper) "MAGNUM" Spaller

This listing is for my largest babbit-loaded copper cap tool. I guarantee that this tool will delivery more energy to the copper/flint interface than a same-sized solid-copper billet!!!!! While I don't recommend this spaller for those of you who are spalling flint/chert in large quantities to sell, for those who want a heavy spaller to generate those huge spalls for their own use, I don't believe this tool can be beat.

This puppy had a head OD of 2.30 inches!!! The head alone (without the handle, glue, fiberglass, or screws) weighs an incredible 13 ounces!!!!

The beginning price reflects a 15% discount off my normal price. While the price may seem a little high to some of you, just remember what a 2.25 inch solid-copper billet costs. And consider the materials that go into my MAGNUM Spaller (The copper cap alone costs $8.68!). And, and t is NO RESERVE.

This is the first of my MAGNUM Spallers I have listed in over a year. The truth is that it has been taking all my available time to make my Magnums and my LPF2’s. A knapping friend of mine in AL asked me to make one for him, so I went ahead and made 2 extras.

Like my Deluxe Copper Boppers, I believe my MAGNUM Spaller is the best of its kind that money can buy. The key selling points are:

1) I use a special
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