$30 PITTSBURG STEELERS NFL Team apparel black drywick polo shirt NICE! XL


YOU ARE BIDDING ON A USED ITEM, NOT NEW! I disclose everything, but I OCCASIONALLY MAKE ERRORS. I have one simple rule: LETS TREAT EACH OTHER FAIR. I’m not here to rip you off, or sell you junk. Im here to sell you an item at a low price, and make you happy with your purchase.

SO, please DO NOT OPEN A CASE, leave me negative feedback, or leave me low ratings: EMAIL ME here or TEXT me at so I can fix it! I WILL offer you either a DISCOUNT, FULL REFUND/RETURN POSTAGE. I reserve the right to ask Ebay for help with customers that don’t contact me, or BLOCK BUYERS that don’t EMAIL/CALL yet open a case, or leave me bad seller ratings! I offer 14 day money back refunds if you change your mind about your purchase. DANK JE WEL! (DUTCH FOR THANKS!). I love doing what I do and I am very grateful for your business.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: CONDITION GRADE: Awesome shirt! Drywick polyester, this is a great value. Brand new!

Generally I ship the item in either padded priority mail envelopes or cardboard priority envelopes. So far, I did not have any reports of damage with this method, even though it may look strange to receive shoes or purses in an envelope. I live in Florida and shipping in a box to California (example) is between $8-10! Within prices of $25 free ship, it is not feasible to ship it to
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