30 Priceless Shooting Drills (70 minute instructional DVD)

This 70 minute “ 30 PRICEless Shooting Drills” DVD was done by a professional video company. It features two successful high school coaches from the state of Oklahoma showing a variety of great drills that can be used for young kids that are just beginning and for more advanced players looking to challenge themselves during their workouts.

Teaching videos such as this would cost you at least $39.99 if you bought them through one of the major sources for basketball videos. But, we are offering something just as good for a fraction of the cost.

This DVD will be something that can benefit players of all ages, or, coaches looking to find new shooting drills for their teams. We start with teaching basic layups and then get into some more advanced layup drills. From there, we move on to the basic shooting form . Included in that section are drills to practice the correct, fundamental shooting form and showing you how to use that form for free throws . It will also include some competitive drills to use in free throw situations.

Then, we show many more advanced drills that help the shooter develop their shooting skills coming off the dribble and shooting off the pass , stressing footwork with all drills.

We finish our DVD with some very advanced shooting drills that will test the shooters conditioning
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