30" Red Model Rocket Parachute - Quality Rip-Stop Nylon

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30" Red Model Rocket Parachute

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Compare Quality ~ Made In Canada
Made with Professional Grade Equipment and longer shroud lines

Quality general use parachutes Eight sided Made with Rip-Stop nylon fabric All edges sewn with professional grade Serger Sewing equipment Braided Nylon cords Polyester thread used Reusable Machine Washable

Diameter is measured across the parachute and is from point to point.

DESCENT RATE AND PARACHUTE SIZE The following table gives the approximate recommended weight for each size of parachute. The weight is the total weight of the rocket and the weight of the engine AFTER use. A slow rate of descent is generally about 11 to 15 feet/sec. A mid-range is about 18 ft/sec and fast is about 22 ft/sec. As an example, dropping a rocket from about 4 feet will result in a final descent rate of 16.4 ft/sec.. The slower the descent rate, the safer for the rocket, but it may drift far from the launch site. A faster rate will allow the rocket to come down faster but it will impact the ground harder. These are only guidelines. It is always up to the builder to determine the final size for the parachute. Size Slow Mid range Fast 12 1 to 3 oz 4 oz 5 to 6 oz 15 3 to 5 oz 6 to 7 oz 8 to 10 oz 18 4 to 7 oz 8 to10oz 11 to 14oz
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