Sharp & Pointy Fossils

I sell dead things


Please take a good look at the pictures to gauge size & condition of these fossils .Picture shows measurments in inches & centimeters. Picture is enlarged to show clear detail. This way you know exactly what you are getting. For the people who can not notice the ruler on the left & the right please the take the time to do so. All are one of a kind specimens with their own personal size, color, & quality.

These are better than the worn out tumbled beach teeth that many other sellers give you. These are my bottom 97% of the fossils I find. These teeth are either smaller or are broken as many things that was millions of years old but most are still quite sharp & or serrated. A good mix of natural colors and species.

There are 300 fo ssil shark teeth in this auction. These teeth are drawn from a pool of many s pecies that mostly include: bull, lemon, tiger, snaggletooth, hammerhead, mako, megalodon& possible other species shown & or not shown in fossil guide below. Also included but not counted are some snail fossils & ray crusher teeth.

These fossils were collected by me, from creeks & clay deposits.

Age between 5 & 18 million years old. From the hawthorne formation in north
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