300 Pound Hay-Budden Anvil

300 lb antique Hay-Budden blacksmith or farrier anvil. Serial #29139. Approximate age 100 years. This anvil is in good condition, with the only flaw a small cut in the horn (see photo). The anvil is strapped to a piece of steel I-beam which makes the whole package weigh approximately 400 lbs. To give you an idea of the size of this great old Hay-Budden, a size 1 aluminum horseshoe is placed by the anvil in several of the pictures. The dimensions are 34" H x 33" L x 13" W (including the I-beam).

Buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping arrangements due to the heavy weight. It requires a forklift or several men to load. Can remove from I-beam to save on buyer's shipping cost if requested.

Please email for further questions about condition or shipping. We can deliver from Miami to the Okeechobee area of south Florida.