3000+ Magic the Gathering MtG cards lot C/U FREE SHIP


This is your chance to get a great huge lot of Magic cards (the vast majority of which are now out of print) for the oh-so-affordable price of $44.95 door to door (except in CA, w I also am required to charge CA sales tax).

The cards are commons and uncommons from main sets and expansions spanning over the last 10 or so years, back almost to the very beginnings of Magic. It is possible that t could be a rare or two hiding in t but please don't count on it because t probably are not. T are at least 300 uncommons (300 are set aside and labelled as uncommons so you don't have to hunt for them; more uncommons from earlier sets are likely sprinkled through the commons.) The lots have been put together with an emphasis on including cards from a lot of different sets and covering all colors, artifacts, NON-basic lands and multi-colored cards. Your 3000+ count doesn't include basic lands, so you will be getting 3000+ cards set for play value rather than extra basic lands you don't need!

All cards are in the English language, and are standard Magic cards (no unglued/unhinged, World Championships cards, etc) -- or if a few miss my notice and slip in t, t are extra cards provided to cover anything I missed. The cards are in great shape, with the vast majority
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