300KV Van de Graaf Graaff Generator KIT by Physics Playground

300KV Van de Graaff Generator Quick Kit by Physics Playground 2 models to Pick From
Why this kit: Builds in less than an hour Uses extremely high friction rollers for efficient charging Will operate in high humidity up to 85% Produces an amazing 300KV of static Charge at 20 micro amps Thank you for viewing a new design by Physics Playground. This unit is made to be purchased in kit for and require about 30 minutes to an hour to build. The unit stands 25 inches tall and uses an 8 inch stainless steel sphere. In operation, the unit will produce up to 300KV of voltage at 20 ma of static electricity under optimal conditions. Yes, this unit will do all of the tricks from hair standing demo to glowing finger tips. If you are looking for stronger unit and at a great price, please also check out our 400KV and 600 KV Van de Graaff kits.
300KV VDG Dimensions:
25 inches tall 8 inch stainless steel sphere .75 (OD) by 1.25 rollers 7 x 5 x 5 inch base 3000 RPM 120 AC motor (international order need a 100 Watt transformer) Uses flanged stainless steel bearings with SS axles
Thanks for looking! Physics Playground